Once in winter I look around and see that in the streets of the city, in this case, Moscow, girls, women, children go in ski pants, in overalls, and someone in complete equipment, only without skis. I look closely and understand that often whole families, including men, leave shopping centers in ski costumes. Oh, I think Moscow is now a ski resort?

Surely it is convenient and warm. And this is very important to man in winter. That’s just the same bad till as synthetic costumes of pseudo-didas in the 1990s. They, too, most likely, was very convenient.

Three generations of Soviet and already post -Soviet people grew up without a generally accepted example of beauty in urban culture: both mass architecture and mass city clothing – everything is terrible. We all dressed in what we could buy, and not what we wanted, and not what beautiful. We have a full pipe with “combinators”, as the heroine of Lia Akhedzhakova called it, the secretary of Verochka from the “official novel”.

And even today our people are easy to distinguish in an international crowd. Our ladies in the morning with evening make -up, combine studs and sports jacket, and their top of Shika is a light plush tracksuit. Men in shales and underpants in the summer, in sandals for socks, in sports trousers and sharp -nosed boots – on this the list of interruption.

And, of course, it is convenient for everyone in this, and, probably, only fools and spitens pay attention to such trifles as other people’s clothing, but, of course, people in a plush and a ski suit in the middle of a metropolis simply did not instill a taste. And how great and beautiful it would be if they were instilled.

Does our hands unleashed that others walk like that? This gives permission to be guided only by the word “convenient”?

And, of course, the “plush and ski” will protect their right to dress, and then you can’t do anything. We will analyze the question. That, for example, is still convenient in winter? Sheepskin coat. Vatnik and felt boots. And rainy autumn, for example, is convenient to walk around the city in a hydrochist for surfers. Put on and does not blow, not wet. Very comfortably. In the heat, do not steam in the streets in shorts and T -shirts – it is much more convenient to walk in swimsuits and swimming trunks. It’s very convenient to leave the house in a bathrobe,


you don’t have to change clothes at all. Inappropriate? Finally a good word.

How much we unleashed our hands on what others walk like that? This gives permission to reduce the bar and be guided only by the word “convenient”? I think yes. It is like smoking – people smoke less when others do not smoke around. Defenders of ski pants in network disputes often begin to determine where it is appropriate to come in a ski suit in the city, but where is it anyway, what are you. And then the boundaries begin to move out.

“Walk through the streets in pants – yes, with a stroller, with a dog, yes, there is no to a shopping center,” the defenders say. Personally, I see the “skiers” in shopping centers constantly, so not everyone thinks clearly.

“In ski pants to the park – yes, but in a restaurant – no”. You see, both in restaurants and in the cafe “skiers” is full. All “trousers”, in principle, agree that you still do not need to go to the theater in them. However, we recently went to opera for Rigoletto, people in ski pants were there too. And in museums they also have, at exhibitions and in the cinema.

Well, however, who will stop us and explain that we are not so dressed, inconsistent with the place and time? Nobody. I wanted to comprehensively study the issue with ski pants and identify the most common opinions on their account. In Moscow, the light did not converge the light – here, for example, what they think about the expansion of ski pants in real Siberia.

“I wear only pants. I am playing sports. But in order to walk in a ski suit in the city – this is even too much for me “.

“They also wear costumes with leather black ankle boots with a heeled 3 cm, with a curling on the head, with painted eyes and lips and a leather ladies’ handbag”.

“Now, in my own forty, with a feeling of fulfilling the duty I go everywhere where I want, in a convenient suit, and sneeze that others think about it, which in their mink from the back from each other do not differ at all. I am warm, convenient, I walk with my child where I want and how I want “.

“My acquaintances of foreigners, having got into Novosibirsk in winter, turned their heads for a long time in search of mountains. At first I could not understand what they were looking for. It turned out, looking at the clothes of the locals, they decided that there was a ski resort somewhere here. “.

“I did not know that there are so many sick people around, who react so painful, with hatred to the appearance of an outsider. “

“To those who are dressed in a convenient, warm, non -impeded overalls or pants with a jacket for a walk with a child or dog, I am much better than those who at -20 go to thin tights and elegant heels and short fur coats”.

“A year ago, acquaintances from Russia told me that their girls go in the winter in ski costumes around the city. Funny, to be honest. In the States and in Canada, I have never seen someone to wear a ski costume in everyday life-for example, in a store for bread “.

“In general, it will not be said in offense, the author of the topic seems to be from the village. There always cares everyone who passed the hut in what in what along the street. “.

“With the same bewilderment I will treat people who appeared in a cafe or a shopping center in camouflage form, even if very good. I am a hunter and it is convenient for me in it, but in public places I will not allow myself this. “.

“There is a public contract. Nobody accepted him. It simply is and includes a national mentality, traditions, the level of tolerance for “not like you”. Nude walking will be condemned by the whole society, and wearing ski pants – a small part of it. Therefore, another part of the society has the same rights to walk in ski pants as you are to condemn such a wardrobe. They are not allowed into a restaurant, theater, an exhibition in sportswear, and quite fair.

However, the street is a public place, there are citizens with garbage buckets and in home slippers. No matter how unpleasant it is for you to see citizens in sports pants, you do not have the right to condemn them (with the exception of places where it is not customary to be in unsuitable clothes) “.

The last speaker from the Novosibirsk Forum even convinced me. Question: Nowhere, except for the office and nightclubs, the dress code does not check where our people will set the boundary of the appropriate if there is no external prohibition? And what are these places where it is not customary to go in ski pants if people are just everywhere?

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