A strong character is sometimes complicated by life. Especially if the force is understood as the inability to make concessions.

“Let’s break stereotypes!”Said Journalist Turaeva engineer Shubin when they agreed on a meeting. Turaeva could afford this: she was a very famous journalist – she interviewed ministers and oligarchs and led the program on the radio. But engineer Shubin was also not easy – a month ago, for a minute, a new engine for a car, the patent had already bought Daimler, so – the future millionaire and the star of the technosphere.

And the conversation was what. This Shubin probably already felt like a star and a genius and therefore appointed her an interview for 7.30 in the morning at his house. Because at 8.15 he leaves, and then he has everything very tight. Turaeva decided to respond with impudence to arrogance and gently explained that she, firstly, is an owl, and secondly, she constantly lives in the country. “So let’s, Sergey Ignatievich, will meet https://saninfosys.com/payment-methods/ at nine in the evening, and?” -” At ten, “said Shubin and dictated his address.

He lived in an old house on Sadovaya;His grandfather and great-grandfather were famous engineers, “and then the engineer was like now a top manager and even cooler,” he said, showing Turaeva yellow photographs within the red tree. I put it at the table under a low chandelier, poured her tea. She took out a recorder and a notebook. He looked at her and suddenly said: “I will leave you for ten minutes,” and left the room. The front door slammed. Turaeva shrugged, sat at the table, then walked around the apartment. No traces of a woman. She even looked into the bathroom. Nothing – neither cream, no lipstick, no hair on the sink. Not to mention pantyhose on the pipe.